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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. I am new to Access Canada Drug Mart. Can I have my medications filled in Canada through your service?
Yes, you can. We first require you to complete our patient questionnaire and order form online or you can print it out the forms to mail or fax back to us completed.

Q. Do you require a prescription?
Yes we do. Just like your local pharmacy, we require valid prescriptions written by your physician to dispense any medication you want to order from our pharmacy. Our Canadian staff physicians, FREE of charge, will approve your prescriptions under a Canadian license to fill at our pharmacy.

Q. How much medication can I can purchase from Access Canada Drug Mart?
We can send you a maximum 3-month supply of each medication you wish to order. If your prescription allows refills, we will keep your prescription on file for you as long as your physician has allowed for refills.

Q. How do I go about ordering from Access Canada Drug Mart?
You can start the order process from us in three (3) simple steps: 

STEP ONE: Search For Drugs And Add Them To Your Shopping Cart. Our drug search is always accessible in the top left corner of the site. Simply type in the name of the drug you are looking for (or just the first few letters), and click on "Go!" If you are not sure what the name of the drug is, click on the "Search Drug Prices" tab in the top menu to view an alphabetical listing of drugs. Our third, and most convenient method of searching for more than on drug at a time is our new Multisearch feature. Click on the "Or Try Multisearch!" link at the top of the left hand menu to search for up to 15 drugs at once. 

STEP TWO: Choose Your Order Method. Do you want to submit your order online or via fax? After you finish adding your drugs to your shopping cart, click on the "Checkout" button and choose how you would like to send your order to MediNorth. 

STEP THREE: Complete And Submit the Order. After choosing your order method (by fax or online), fill out the appropriate forms. Once you get your prescriptions from your doctor and mail it to us.

You can also call us Toll-Free 1-866-888-3784 for more information and assistance in placing an order.

Q. How do I pay for my order?
We accept payments by Visa, MasterCard,American Express,Discover - BILLING PROCESSED by NAPRA CONSULTING. U.S. dollar personal checks or U.S. dollar international money orders and PayPal. For orders paid by check or money order, please allow extra time for payment to clear before your order is shipped. We do not accept postal money orders. All checks and money orders should be made payable to MediNorth Pharmacy.

Q. Can I transfer my prescriptions from my local pharmacy to Access Canada Drug Mart?
Yes you can. Call us toll-free 1-866-888-3784 or email pharmacist@canadadrugmart.com for information on how this is done.

Q. How do I refill my medications?
AT LEAST 3 weeks (21 days) before your current supply ending, you can call us toll-free ,1-866-888-3784 or you can place you refill order online. Make sure you have a list of your medications ready when placing your order. If your payment method or shipping address changed since last order, please let us know. We can fill new prescriptions with refill orders as long as you arrange to mail your new prescriptions to process everything at once.

Q. Can you deal directly with my insurance company for my prescription coverage?
Because the insurance system in Canada is different than those in other countries, we cannot deal directly with your insurance company. If you have insurance coverage, you should contact your insurance company prior to ordering from us to see if they will reimburse you, partially or in whole, for prescriptions purchased from Canada. We will issue you a receipt for your prescriptions that can be submitted to your insurance company for payment but we cannot guarantee they will accept our receipts for your coverage.

Q. I need my medications fast! Can I get my medications rushed to me?
Our pharmacy needs about 2-3 business days to process your order once we have a COMPLETE patient profile and VALID prescriptions for the medications you wish to order PLUS 7-10 business days for shipping for orders shipped within North America. It is recommended you order your medications AT LEAST 3 weeks (21 days) ahead of your current supply ending for on time delivery.

Q. How do I make sure you received my order and it is being processed?
After successfully submitting your order, we will expect YOU to mail us your prescriptions. Once we receive your prescriptions, it will take about 2-3 business days for our licensed staff doctors, pharmacists and technicians to process, review and re-review your order before it is shipped out. Due the large volume of orders we process, our staff will contact you ONLY if we need any more information from you. If you have not received your order within 3 weeks (21 days) from the date you have submitted your patient profile and prescriptions to us, please call us toll-free 1-866-888-3784 or email us at orderstatus@canadadrugmart.com.

Q. Are there any factors that can delay my order?
Sometimes, your order can be delayed for these reasons:

  • We are missing or waiting for prescriptions We require valid prescriptions written by your physician to dispense the medications you wish to order. You MUST mail your original prescriptions to our pharmacy
  • Your credit card information is incorrect Please make sure you notify us of any changes to our billing information.
  • Your credit card was declined This is due to security features your credit card provider has for all potential charges made outside your country. If your charge is declined, you will be contacted with information on how to correct this problem.
  • You are paying by Check or Money Order Additional time may be necessary to receive payment by mail and to clear your payment before the order is shipped. For faster billing, we recommend paying by Visa or MasterCard.
  • Your prescriptions are difficult to read or unclear If information is not legible or is contrary to what your requesting us to order.We will contact you and your physician to clarify the order before it is processed further.
  • The postal services are slow Especially at peak shipping seasons (ie. Christmas), orders could be delayed while en route to your address.


Q. Are all the medications that I have at my local pharmacy also available in Canada?
While the majority of the most commonly prescribed medications are available in Canada, there are products that are not yet available in Canada as well as their being differences in their name, strengths and quantities. Check out our drug search pages or call toll-free 1-866-888-3784 for the prices and availability of medications you are wanting to order.

Q. Do you have a catalogue or list of all the medications that you can sell me?
With thousands of drugs for sale from our Canadian pharmacy, this list would be too big to print and mail to you. We can help you with the prices and availability of medications if you call us toll-free 1-866-888-3784, email us at customerservice@canadadrugmart.com or your can search for your medications online.

Q. Are there differences between the medications I can buy at my local pharmacy and those that you sell from Canada?
Due to licensing and copyright agreements in different countries of the world, sometimes drug manufacturers sell the exact same drug under different trade names in different countries. For example, DETROL LA is the trade name for for the drug "Tolterodine". In Canada, it is marketed under the name UNIDET, even though they are the same medication produced by the same drug manufacturer.

Q. What is a "generic" drug?
A "generic" drug is manufactured with the exact same active ingredient and specifications as the "name brand" product but made by a manufacturer that does not have as high a profit markup on their price. Canada has some of the world's strictest standards and guidelines for manufacturing "generic" drugs, this way, when a person takes a "generic" version of a "brand name" drug, that drug will offer the same treatment at a much lower price than the "brand name" equivalent.

Q. May I return my prescription medication?
No. Please note that it's illegal for a Canadian pharmacy to accept returns on prescription medication, unless there has been an official product recall. If you need to cancel an order, we ask you notify us as soon as possible and one of our Customer Service Representatives will do their utmost to help you. We always strive to provide you with the most efficient service possible, which includes processing most orders the day they are received. Our quick order turnaround means we are often unable to cancel an order once it has been dispensed.

Access Canada Drug Mart accepts full responsibility for any loss or damage, unless the complication is clearly not our fault.

Q. Can I purchase narcotics or controlled drugs?
No, we do not sell or offer to ship narcotics and controlled substances. In many countries, Import custom laws and strict control over narcotics and controlled medications will not allow medications like Tylenol #3, Morphine, Codeine or Valium to enter their country from an outside supplier.


Q. What is the shipping and handling charge?
Within North America, shipping is a flat rate fee of $13.00 U.S. per order, not per drug. We also offer Expedited Shipping at a cost of $25 U.S. International orders are charged separately for shipping depending on the size, weight and destination of the order. 

Q. How are your orders delivered?

All orders are shipped from our pharmacy by Canada Post and is properly labeled to ship to your address within your country. Once your order clears Customs inspection, your country's postal service will assume the delivery of your order to your address.

Q. How long does my order take to ship?
Once shipped, we estimate it will take between 14 to 21 business days to arrive to your home within North America. Expidited service should arrive approximately 7 to 10 business days. International orders may take longer depending on the destination and efficiency of your country's postal services. Please note, this is NOT a guaranteed delivery time and we have no control over how fast your nation's postal service delivers mail and parcels to your area.

Q. I have not received my order yet. What should I do?
If you have not received your medications after three weeks of the order date, please call us toll-free 1-866-888-3784. We will trace your order status and will inform you as to how long until you can expect delivery.