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Existing patients of Access Canada Drug Mart can call toll-free 1-866-888-3784 to order refills or you can order online in three simple steps:

Step One: Search For Your Drugs And Add Them To Your Cart

Use our "Search for Medications" search link at the left hand corner of any page on this site. Simply type in the name of the drug you are looking for (or the first few letters) and click on "Search".

If you are unsure of the drug's name, use the "Drug Search" tab on the top menu to view an alphabetical listing of drugs.

Our third and most convenient method of searching for all of your drugs is to use the MultiSearch tool also found on the left hand side of the page. Here, you can search for up to 15 medications at once.

Step Two: Checkout Your Order

After you have added all your medications to your shopping cart to refill, click the "Checkout" button then find the "EXISTING PATIENTS" section on the following page. Click the "Order Online" page to complete the order.

Step Three: Complete And Submit The Order

Complete your information and submit the order Access Canada Drug Mart! All billing is processed by MEDI NORTH PHARMACY.

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